There are a lot of people who feel deep in their hearts that they are to contribute to the abolition of modern-day slavery. And I love it. When people approach me to talk about what they can do however, they’re in a bit of a panic (rightfully so). The pain in their eyes is so deep and intense I’m more often than not tempted to cover them with my hands, whisper shhhhh, and wait until I feel their lashes rest.

Trafficking is incomprehensible. It’s unimaginable, and yet our hearts get quite easily tangled in imagining. Combine that with the stories we hear, and our hearts may threaten to explode.

I just wanted to take some time to encourage you, precious friend.

First of all, I like your heart. I like that it is in position to race towards change. You’ll go far! Before you get too caught up in all that needs to be done, spend some time alone with Jesus, and ask Him to remind you of your heart. What you are looking for is written in the identity of your soul. He made you for this. For such a time as this.

Start by praising Him. He has given you eyes to see! And that means something dangerously good is about to begin. Praise Him for what He is doing, and what He is about to do.

Then call to mind all those things you like to be part of. Once you find that, you’re golden!

If you love to host– make a bunch of goodies, set your home up really pretty and host Nefarious: Merchant of Souls to show your neighbors and family what is going on

If you like to write– write a blog, or a neighborhood newsletter every two months to highlight what’s going on and all the ways breakthrough is happening.

If you’re investigative– with discernment and wisdom, keep your eyes out for places to call in to Crime Stoppers (It’s Anonymous!). Some places to watch for could be certain communities, a home of suspicion, or a potential massage parlor).

If you’re a parent– raise your children highly aware of the intoxicating sexual images, shows and music that taunt them daily to believe this is a glamorous life. Teach them how to honor themselves and others- giving respect to all people. Allow them the opportunity to tell you about ‘at-risk children’ in their class, and challenge yourself to give of your home and family to these children.

If you are a mentor– spend real-time talking and hanging out with children and youth. When we show them they are more worthy than what they’ve been shown, ‘at-risk’ youth and children become much less vulnerable to trafficking. Consider supporting at-risk children and youth programs to provide what these children need.

If you are financially savvy– recalculate your budget and give to programs who are changing children, youth, and families lives. Here are some options I’d highly recommend ( Sparrow House, Little Warriors, Ratanak International, HART-Beginning of Life)

If you are a business owner– support at risk and rehabilitation programs by financially giving to the programs advertising campaigns. People need to know about the help that is available to them. Take a look at your employee rights with the HR department, and make any necessary changes to ensure you set the highest standard for people working in your company.

If you are creative– Draw, paint, sketch, shape, act, write music and sing for the benefit of those victimized. Host shows, sell your work, and bring more awareness and passion to the abolition of slavery.

If you are a traveller– research trafficking hot spots in your destination location, and make praying for those places a part of your trips.

If you are political– Write your government on some of the laws surrounding prostitution, trafficking cases unsolved, immigration processes. You will literally save lives as your passion for policy flares!

If you love fitness– connect with other fitness-aholics and create your very own marathon to raise awareness in your city, and raise money for a local or international cause you fully support.

If you have a passion at all, you have a place in the abolition of slavery. Slavery is the bike tire with many spokes, but so is its’ abolition. I’ve heard so many people say you just need to financially give to places, or just simply write your government. These are awesome and life changing ideas. But if they don’t motivate you, find another way! You don’t have to travel around the world to make a difference, but you don’t have to just sit around writing checks either. I’m so excited to hear about what you are going to do, out of that place of simply being. Adventure, purpose, and the abolition of slavery awaits you friend. Find your niche.