So you needed something to hold. Afraid, ashamed and unsure you arose, when really, you needed just to rest.

He promised He’d fight just for you.

But the world is so busy and sends your heart spinning so you arose, when really, you needed just to rest.

He promised He’d give life to you

So you started to walk, chest puffed up and proud while your heart needed help, needed clarity

He promised He’d show you the way

And while the world kept on running and doing and running, you lept forward and hardly afraid

He just said to knock, and He’d Answer

But you’ve got yourself so caught up in it all that your eyes spin faster than your heart beat can keep up

And He promised it all right before He gave it all but you wouldn’t just stop

Just stop

Just stop

If you don’t, He’s pleasures cannot fulfill your destiny

And if you won’t, His calm love cannot bathe you anew

Cause His love is not conditional, but it is not forceful either

And while the world and even the church get so caught up doing

He’s calling you, child, just to stop, just to rest

Just to simply sit down near his dirtied sandal-tanned feet

And listen to the stories that will bring you back to you

Those ones about the pitch of your laughter and the heartbreak in your tears

How you twirl that beautiful (don’t talk back) hair ‘round your perfectly you fingers in nervousness

He’ll need to go through that climatic part, I’ll just need to be honest about that

Where the world tried to scam you, wound you with its’ perfectly pretty lies

But let Him get through it- get through it with Him

I can promise you He makes all things new

And I beg you now just to stop.

Where you need to simply stop and rest at His feet

And when all seems well with your soul wrapped deeply within His

It will cause you to arise, humble, steady and strong

And child you will run with purpose and freedom

So for now, just rest that beautifying soul