Little bitty Matteo,

Today is your very first birthday, and your auntie Dee couldn’t be more excited. Maybe it’s because I got to sit with your mama and rub her head to toe while we massage love straight through her to you, praying you’d come say hello. Or perhaps because I nearly collapsed from explosive excitement of holding you the very day you were born. And maybe it’s because I’m a little older now, and new babies are pure gold to me; a treasure like no other. Perhaps it’s because your big brother and cousin paved the way with their ridiculous humor and acceptance of all these Auntie Dee Snuggles {I just love my snuggles}.IMG_1557

I can’t imagine one or another does not play a factor in my extravagant love for you. I love the way you move your head from one ear, to the other when a good Michael Jackson tune comes on. Those bitty legs bounce up and down without rest; you just came out to dance.

And we’re all trying to get you to say our name first- after mommy and daddy started of course, all the aunties and uncles were fair game. I’d whisper ‘Aundee, Aundee’ while your uncle tickled you until you’d say ‘uncle!’. But alas, next in line would be grannma. We all lit up as you tried your best, waddling her way as you two played peek-a-boo around the kitchen island.

You’re all fun and games, but you aren’t one to take in strangers. You like deep, trusting relationships. I like that about you. Another thing I’d like to point out, is how true you are to your name. The day you were born, your mama looked and stared at you. Matteo, Gift of God.

My sweet little nephew… you are truly a gift. A blessing from above, and I have no doubt you are here because your daddy in heaven has a major purpose for you! Jesus is so in love with the little man you are. He knit you together there in your mama’s womb, and now He is caught up dancing around to Bob Marley and worship tunes with you. Know you are loved, and prayed for each day. And when the going gets tough, He is singing and dancing over you!

You are this auntie’s little treasure & I’ll show you it every day.

Happy Birthday Matteo!