OH child.

You are fierce and officially six years old today. Can I tell you too often I love you, and love to see you? Perhaps ‘yes’, as your eyes will roll from IMG_1442now until you’re eighteen. But you still grab my hand after you let out a big breath and so I don’t mind those rolling eyes at all. In fact, seeing you and those big eyes grow is beauty. I’d pray holding hands won’t ever get old as we grow.

Taylor Swift is still the best, but I’m pretty sure I’m still singing Never Grow Up and you’ve daringly moved on to Twenty-Two. That scares me. And your father. Although, you still talk and sing and dance like you’re just turning six, so I’ll put away those fears and dance a while with you.

Life is short, but not as short as it may seem. You might want to grow up quickly. I wouldn’t doubt it since the world forces us to do many a foolish thing. But your American Girl doll and teddy bears still love your snuggles; don’t be afraid to stay there just a little while longer. Those are the games and play times that make a strong, gentle woman.

And while you’re growing up, know that your auntie Dee is wild. Wild enough to dream that anything you dare dream can come true. And in my crazy, I have faith enough that you can move the entire world over to pursue all you want to. That is where our kindred spirits meet.

I remember when you were two, you cried the second your mama pulled a princess dress out of the dress-up chest. But now, you know you are a queen in your own right. You teach me, wild girl. You show me that all girls are princesses, and we deserve the best. And when you pair up a crown with that lion of a mane, I cannot help but know, you are right. We are queens, and we’re not afraid to play fight!IMG_1103

Bo, as you turn six, I just ask that you keep in mind this one thing. You are loved, and worthy of an entirely fabulous life. I’m going to be here with you through it all. And I’m going to be here protecting you while I dance, sing, play fight and run through those wild fields with you. Because though I love your caring heart, and the way you show love to your cousins , your nana and your papa, I love you simply because I love you. And nothing will get in the way of my love, just the same as Jesus feels for you.

So before you die of boredom reading this {Life is WAY too short for this auntie; that’s what you’ll probably say}, let’s find a new outfit and twist to Twenty-Two. And then when you get sleepy enough, let’s switch it to Never Grow Up and snuggle a little while.

Happy Birthday Bo!

Love you always,

Auntie Dee