I’ve heard of luck and talked of it a billion times to people in my life.  As though luck had anything to do with anything in life.

It’s called Grace. Grace of a God who pours down on all people, because He made us in His image and chose love instead of hate. Love for all where favoritism would not mix. And some are stuck in a place in which grace never seems to grace itself and graves of lonely and dark and cold dig deeply into their ground.

Oh lucky ones. Oh those filled and trembling from a grace so freely given, please give it away. Had I not been called to be hands, to become feet that walk and dance and move and hand out grace as I’d received it and in turn to pass it forward? Hadn’t you as well?

And I’ll cry as my minds’ eye sees those living where grace seemed replaced only by grave. There in my mind I notice in their midst the heatbeat of a delicate piano moving slow to the beat of that little ones’ dirtied feet. Choosing to dance grace over the graves her natural reality would beg her to believe in. And in her choice, might she change the very world around her to also receive.

How come we choose not to bring it to them {at your McDonald’s, Starbucks, Wal-Mart Line Ups, family dinners, small group gatherings or grocery stores}? Or choose to believe in the grace we’ve been given, that we too might become light for others?

Let us become this grace. Please. And know I’m asking you as much as I’m begging me. Because I’m finding myself and seeing so many of my friends choosing sides as though His grace had any to choose. That he deserves a break more than she, and she deserves grace in the form of justice over him… oh my heart. That we play sides as though we have a right, when we are given grace from the Almighty. Oh, Lord how harshly we begin to behave. Comparisons are taking the place of something much more beautiful in its’ inability to show condition… as though one life could be compared with another? To Him, you are no different than them as I am no different from you.

Let us become this grace because I cannot bare to think there are graves in which the unlucky ones did not receive because perhaps we didn’t offer it. Oh, in desperation I beg you lucky one, give grace that the grave could not even begin to think it may have one won.

{grace of god}: (Christian theology) the free and unmerited favor or beneficence of God; “God’s grace is manifested in the salvation of sinners”; “there but for the grace of God go I” [syn: grace]