I’d heard about this middle-class man all over the place. In my church, online sermon clips, books. All the places my flesh should be ripped out of my life, I was finding heaps of. I think I was drawn to him immediately- this middle class Jesus. My flesh was drawn, that is.

I want more than this entire world. Don’t you? Be blessed today my friends, as you walk this place out in faith. All you need is a seed of it, and you’ll do alright 😉 -Dee

“Christ is enough. You can have nothing, be rich and you’ll be fine. I really encourage you to read the Bible with an open mind. Voltaire once said, ‘God created man in his own image and now man is returning the favor.’ We want to recreate God in the way we want to be. I want a God okay with me sleeping with my girlfriend. I want a God who says ‘my body, my choice’. One author wrote, “The American church has created a middle-class Jesus. For example, they say that it’s okay to make your nuclear family an idol. When it comes to you and your kids, take care of them first. You will never find that in the bible. Christ taught us, we should be willing to hate our father, mother, wife, kids. He said my true brothers, sisters and mother obey my words. I’m not saying we shouldn’t love our family; it’s just that following Christ comes first. We need a radical not-settling-for-a-middle-class-Jesus.

Sometimes the words of Christ seem crazy. Like ‘Quit storing things up on earth. See the birds of the air? God provides for them; He will provide for you”. If you want a radical Jesus, read through one of the Gospels. Life is shorter than you realize. I don’t believe I’m crazy enough. Jesus is enough. Anything we give to the Lord is totally worth it. Don’t let your desires color your perspective. There are things about Jesus I don’t like. I prefer He didn’t say those things. When I read what Jesus says, I’m going to try to tweak me, to conform to Jesus, even when it’s hard to do. As I’ve followed, I have found I understand why He saYs it. When He said it, I know He’s right. Even things I disagree on, I would encourage you to ask the question, what have you made Jesus to be? You will find that a middle-class Jesus never existed.” Francis Chan

What Do You Need, in Order to be Happy? Sermon by Francis Chan