She looked at me, way back then, and shot a smirk from those wild eyes.

You’re a renegade, a real outlaw she sighed. And like little girls, we slowly walked in giggles.

A Renegade.

And I guessed I’d assumed that would be okay. To turn against what I’d succomed to believe by the standards of a world, and head in a completely opposite direction. To look at all the world had to offer, and all that I’d once eaten up til I was full, stare it right in the eyes of its’ pleading with me and say not even a single word.

The world will turn and scamper quick the moment it realizes you’re so serious. I’m so serious. But then I’d found myself looking at the church and its sanctions and laws while it pointed at me and all I’d been doing wrong. I’d eaten up all of their rules. And though I love the church dearly, they are just humans too, and I cannot look to their words. They are the church after all, not God. But I’m turning away from those Pharisee ways too… those religious ones the Lord came in human form to ignore while He held with love the widows, the orphaned and mat-ridden men. Those laws I’d got so caught up in as I straightened my skirt and you tightened your tie while we pointed out all our little heads could make judgements on. The ones that held us back from the embrace of a gracious God. The laws that held us closer to sin than to Him. Those laws which He used to show us how deeply we need Him, turned psychotic by our humanness in its’ primped hair and slicked back words. The ones that held our hearts at arm’s length while we worked our hands in ‘good works’ to prove what we could never prove through our own merit… and with the audacity of using His name. Our hearts held farther than arms length… faith without love is certainly dead.

And with the transplant of His heart beating as your heart, escape all the confined ways of the world. Because when your heart becomes free, I can promise all you’ll want to do is praise Him. And when all you can do is worship a Gracious God who chose you, working by the beat of His heart is the only way you’ll truly see again.

I simply haven’t got time for these boyish games of do this and don’t do that. It’s time this world and my enemy cower, and I hope you’d feel the same way too. It’s not at all about being against, but it most certainly is about who you are for.

I’m a Renegade. A real Outlaw. My friend, what about you?