So stoked for this event!!


summer-camp-auctionCan you smell it? That wild scent of thawing mud and growing grass fill my heart like it were all to happen again. I’m ready stuff my backpack and roll up my sleeping bag. Tendered hearts beat and little girls scream at the thought of multiple sleepovers, campfires and friends. Boys gather ’round a huddle and plot how to scare the girls or build the world’s greatest fort while they stay up late under their sleeping bags with flash lights and dreaming aloud of being superheros.

It’s the very stuff that changes lives. Faith, friendship, hope, and games. It’s summer camp.

And if you’ve ever experienced the thrill of summer camp, I know you’ll quickly jump on board when you hear this… we’re going to send 4000-5000 underprivileged children to camp.

I’m not sure of what exactly you’ve heard, but HART hosts an auction ever year to raise these funds for orphans…

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