Snow began to fall like gentle blankets from the sky. I couldn’t help but look up and stare. Everything was beautiful.

I dropped my head and looked to find my friend between curtains of white while we wait there for the next street car. And from the corner of my eye seen this glow of orange from the corner of that street. I can’t see enough of it all, the snow keeps getting in my way. So through peeks and squinting eyes I find it again. Peeping Toms show and big sickened eyes follow the sign like moths to a flame. That stupid sign calling the realities of people becoming commodities…

Oh girls, girls, girls. How have they forgot your name is woman, lady, queen.

Like a king, Spirit of Addiction dances proud around this building. And sickened men like moths draw closer to the glow. Remember boys what happens when you play with fire. You need help. Only more sickness lies within these walls. Healing requires a different kind of light.

What are you doing, she asks. Praying, I say. She nods and grins as the bus steals my view. We sit, and the bus moves. Shards of my heart lay remnant there and I hope He’ll bring light of a different kind. I look back to the sky, and see it all falling down. His freedom will come, like thick blankets of snow. I cannot help to stare. Everything was beautiful.