Plaid coat, I know you realize your job is to protect her from the cold. But please, do more. Because we tried to approach her last night, and you knew how quickly she ran, ran away from us. Ran away from women but perhaps less reluctantly ran towards those men.

Plaid coat, you’ve felt her innocent skin; she’s what, no more than fourteen? And her eyes were terrified when she noticed my male friend driving. As though she wanted him to be looking, but DEAR GOD, don’t look at me. Was this her first time? Her hair floated shortly before her chin, delicate. Alone.

Plaid Coat don’t even begin to think or resolve that this were a choice for her. You know where she’s come from. You know she’s not been okay for some time. You know she should never have been placed in this position, you know she’d never have dreamed this up for herself; When I grow up, I want to be a prostitute. I want to have dozens of men enter my body a night, put their hands all over my body. Potentially hurt me, and abuse me all night long. That’s what I dream of… She wanted to help little orphans. Or she wanted to travel the world. Maybe she wanted to be the next Adele, and man she’s a songbird in the same right. You know, Plaid Coat, this is not really an option. Not for this child.

I stood there when my friend told me it was certain. I stood there and shook and my whole heart tore right apart. Let’s go back right now, I begged. Let’s just go and find her. Let’s bring her home. We need to bring her home, we have to. I couldn’t. We couldn’t. So we pray.

And even, as we all hoped and prayed on her behalf last night that she were just a little lady lost with backpack and a lonely heart, I ask you kindly, do more.

Because she wouldn’t let us in and I’m afraid of what those men will do to that innocent skin, so do more. Please. Comfort her, if she is lost. And wrap her tightly within you, if she is alone. And then repel those men who dare to dream of taking her in. Repel them, convict them, restore them. They are supposed to be the bearers of an image of the Father, not the Devil. She’s just a little babe, just a tiny child! Dear Lord… And then shine as brightly as you can so that she might not be able to hide from perhaps a mother or father or police, or friend who is desperately seeking to find her again. Shine brightly for them. So brightly that any darkness that brings fear wouldn’t feel so scary anymore.

Plaid coat I wanted to take you home last night. I wanted to take you, and that precious princess of the night home with me. And then I could take you off her and give her a real hug. Embrace her like a mother and wipe those tears like a gentle, strong father until all those demons went running away. And her little soul could fill with the love of a Jesus Christ who came desperately in love for her. A love to take away everything that clings deeply to her in darkness.

Oh, I wanted to take you home, Little Plaid Coat. And if you’re out there today and hear this, please come on over. Those little brown eyes and soft brown hair deserve so much more than those dirty dark streets and awful sick men can give you in monetary value. Oh sweet Little Plaid Coat.

The sinking feeling in my gut is knowing I don’t know where you are. I don’t even know your name. But there is an undying love right here in this strangers’ heart. And I’d assume it is like the father who’d lost his son, the woman who’d lost a simple little coin, or the shepherd who lost a sheep. A God who so desperately seeks His lost little Princess. Oh Little Plaid Coat. You are not a commodity. You are a treasure. And while others sleep sweetly, I dream of your freedom. I pray for your freedom. I don’t even know your name.

How do we sleep so sweetly?

Plaid coat, please remind her. Though she is but a child, and the night a giant in her mind, He has come that darkness could hold no real power. Little Plaid Coat, you have everything you need to conquer darkness though Christ. You can do this… and I’ll be here to help in any way at all.

Plaid coat, become her armor, we’re going to get her out, so you’re going to need to fight.

Oh Little Plaid Coat, you are just a child.