Friend… Good morning!

It’s Thursday. It’s so close to the weekend. In fact, so close I can smell the freedom like burgers and fries and warm green grass while Country tunes fill the light breeze.

You’ve got a choice today, and I hope you pick the sweeter of the two. Either; your weekend feels far away, and so today you sit solemnly in silent rebuke. Or. OR. You choose today to be the good day that will be followed by the best day before the most incredible day comes which follows what had become the best. Maybe it’s been easier for you to sit in the old way of thinking. Allowing each day to bring the same ol’ same ol’. Put on a new self, and see the difference it makes when you choose to do so. Every day could be one to celebrate. Celebrate a new dawn, a new heart, a new mind, a new freedom, a new revelation or understanding. A new friend, a new season, a new year, or even a new fresh cuppa joe. That right there, is sweeter than Chilled lemonade on a warm day.

Give your shoulders a little shimmy, throw back that overfilled head of yours and scrunch up those beautiful brows while you shake it all off and dance a while. In fact, I won’t judge if I hear you’d even moved those hips while your arms fly ’round your neck. I’d be proud actually. Today is the good one… or yet again the worst. Your choice though, I hope you’d kick back and dance through that screen with me a while.



(and if you want more of The Shakes, here’s their full Boys & Girls album: