I had this great privledge of listening to Lisa Kristine at the Not For Sale Global Forum back in November 2012. As she told her stories of literally sneaking into the very heart of slavery, I couldn’t help but connect entirely. She tells of what would happen should the employers catch her in any of these places (especially the 300ft deep coal mines), and she boldly declares “What if I never captured this plight?” That’s a confident heart.

She has this beautiful understanding that words aren’t needed, and language is never a barrier when you connect with a photo. I wanted to post a few of these incredible photos, but haven’t received permission from Lisa yet, so please check out her site. Below is a video with some of her work that has moved me however!

Clicking on her name will take you directly to her website to learn more about this beautiful heart. Here you can also purchase her photos, and know the proceeds will be going to Lisa’s favorite grassroots causes.

I know I talk a lot about how cool it is when people find their worth and live it without inhibition. And I’m not shy to say it again; it’s really cool when people find their worth and live it out. That is when the magic of the following is created…