I was listening to some TedTalks and stumbled across a woman who researches Shame, Fear, and Vulnerability. I’m pretty sure she’s brilliant. If you have a couple minutes on your hands, listen up. I’ve put two different videos on here for you, both being incredible. However, the first video is a great idea of what Dr. Brown stands for. What’s entirely amazing about this video is how obviously this scientific research is deeply moved by the spiritual. If you deal with perfectionism, shame, guilt, lack of joy, or fear among a group of other emotions, I am sure you will find these videos more than interesting… perhaps even compelling. When vulnerability makes its way out of our life, we are setting ourselves up for an incredible lack of joy and meaningful experiences. Very, very cool.

“The heart of my work is about the very human need to live with authenticity,

resilience and a deep sense of love and belonging,” says Brené.