Well. It was somewhere near three am when I was awoken by my little white girl hips trying hard to sway to the outrageously loud Bollywood music outside my humble home. See, my hips would move because my in-laws are from Sri Lanka and we all love to listen to the beautiful music and switch our hips, from Nana all the way down to five-year old Bo.

However. When it’s three am and is not a family celebration, I’d prefer my hips and head rest still.

I don’t know what was going on, so I just prayed as this entirely uneasy feeling crossed my chest, and soon enough fell asleep. Okay, I didn’t just pray. I got up, checked every lock on every window {without opening the blinds} and every door in the place. I then checked for my roomie to still be alive and well, and peered out the blinds like a secret agent. There however, I prayed. And then I feel back asleep.

That is until the red and blues started flashing right through my bedroom window at ten to six am. “Where are your papers!?” The police were yelling and I could think of nothing except “Shhh, people are sleeping..”. No avail, they still yelled. “Where are your papers?! You’re under arrest, anything you…”. COPS was happening live outside my very own condo. It wasn’t entertaining. So I got up again and prayed while snooping through a finger-made crack in my blinds. I get up every morning at this time anyhow, but I just don’t love waking to police outside my home. And although I do appreciate knowing my good ol’ soldiers of justice are running about the streets, it’s mildly unnerving that my neighbors are currently arrested and detained by the police. By the time they were asking if anyone (yes, multiple arrests were taking place) wanted a lawyer, I had to get up and out of bed. I looked at my verse of the day on YouVersion; Give thanks to the Lord and proclaim His greatness. Let the whole world know what He has done- Psalm 105.1

Here’s the thing. I left a birthday party rather early feeling the need to go home. Why, I wasn’t sure since it’s a quiet home without the warmth of friends around. I ended up starfished and praising, asking forgiveness and welcoming Holy Spirit to reign. And when all that uneasy happened all about my home, I wasn’t afraid.

I have a good papa in Heaven. And He is the greatest gift-giver while he prepares my heart for evil as he renders good around me. I’m realizing that even when I could care less to leave the party, stay home on my knees, and pray in the middle of unknowns and uneasy situations, following through in faithfulness has yet to prove itself unworthy.

Want proof? I’m not tired at all. And I’m about to post a song that is happy… just the way I feel today. AND. Beautiful people in yellow hats and Starbucks aprons handed me a free cuppa Blonde Roast Joe right before I walked into work. Life with God is good, and with Him, I fear no evil. He is great, and does so much for us!

I’m well aware, from experience that this isn’t always the case. People don’t just show up at your home with free Starbucks while your children drive you near the point of insanity and all you know best to do it pray. There certainly aren’t birds chirping gospel tunes while loved ones lay on their deathbed, nor will I find myself feeling happy after every sleepless night I stay awake to pray. But even if the Lord didn’t do one more sweet thing for me, I know my faithfulness to His voice leads me to abundant living while I give Glory to His name.

I pray you’d find proclamations all through your day today friend, even if it’s a search to find them.