Yeah I’m a lil’ white girl, but one of my biggest dreams is to rap like the big dogs, haha. I laugh at my own passion for rap because well, it’s seriously funny. But let me tell you, I’ll own it one day. Even if that time comes when I’m eighty… {Betty White’s still caught attention, I could too}.

Today’s song is a new fave. Like they say in the song, I can’t offer you anything except what’s been freely given to me. Please friend, dare to find yourself in Christ… Brand New. Because once you feel it, you smile it. And when you’re smiling, everyone wants it. I hope you read this though you’re staring right at my awkward, big toothed smile.

Because all I never deserved, He keeps handing over to me. Oh, and the winter I’d struggled through couldn’t compare to that first sight of spring. And this son that shines and warms in that cave where character building and wall breaking needed to take place redeems all that was darkened in my world. It’d be difficult not to share how unnatual and beautiful it is to see light where darkness believes it reigns!

Sometimes I laugh at it; the fact that Christ has made me new. Because it hardly seems believable {Does He really remember all I have done!?}. Like lil’ me rapping, it’s hard to digest the possibilities of new. And then I realize none of this is based on my logic, none of it is based on facts and past. Everything I’ve ever done doesn’t matter to a Hero who, in a moment, takes it all away. And in my realization, I’m taken to this truth based on the word and finished work of Christ on the cross: I gave Him no reason & I’m Brand New… holy crap.