Wow. My prayer is simple; that as the truth of this matter comes to light, JDAbbas would so feel the protection of a heavenly father. Brilliantly, Abbas has described an issue to close to home to ignore.
Thank you for your bravery. May you feel the warmth of wholeness and healing in your journey my blogging friend. Be blessed.

J D Abbas, fantasy writer

Denial is a powerful thing. Ten years of working as a counselor and director of a small counseling office, I saw lots of it. A (mumbled) number of years in personal counseling revealed its use time and again. Denial. I think I’ve progressed. No, I know I have, and yet I try to write the “About Me” page of my blog and it rears its ugly head again.

I write under a pseudonym for many reasons. I have others to protect, their lives, their reputations. I can be more honest if I don’t have to worry about how this will reflect on them. It is the reason I don’t post a picture of myself. I don’t even want to identify my gender. I want to be as generic as possible. But the truth is, I’m still afraid. I acknowledge some of my fear borders on paranoia. If the wrong person…

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