I’d ended up at some friends’ house eating cauliflower crusted pizza and watching Father of Lights yesterday; a new Bethel Documentary. After this busy afternoon came to a close and the sun rested on the edge of the day, I sat still and continually wrecked while I watched the beauty of a love I can’t quite understand, and not one of us could even dare to control.

Yes, it was a busy day yesterday. It was one of those busy days where you love every moment, but are utterly exhausted by the end of it. So, you can imagine how tough it was to stare at the ceiling a majority of the time I should have been counting sheep in sweet, deep sleep.

But I couldn’t sleep {obviously, but for reason!}. This film completely captured me; had my thoughts running one million miles a second to catch up with the quick beat of my emotional heart. I was desperate to take what I’d just witnessed in this movie and go out. Go out to the people of my work, the Barista at my local Starbucks and the sad girls wasted without true identity in dingy clubs late at night.

We’d just watched Todd White heal a man’s limping leg, to later find this healed man in one of the greatest God Twists I’ve ever seen in an unplanned, unedited script. Oh, and the scene of a man who’d once been killing people as he claimed his fame through city gangs had me weeping while the cameras caught him asking Christ to enter his life. There on the sidelines while a woman wanted to pray to this God who brings back purity, this giant beast of a man stands there in a corner silently claiming Christ his own. Later, he asks the men who shared Jesus to come tell his friends. His friends give the men their drugs and leave new. You see, there were things that hadn’t yet changed while these believers were there swearing – although in excitement of the recent changes of their life- some things were still raw. But my goodness raw looks so beautiful!

And there I lay on my bed in a hot mess of emotion, excitement and conviction after I’d taxied it home and cleaned the days’ mess of my face. In my experiences, it’d become rare to see this raw faith. This faith where gang members are swearing as they explain their love for Jesus- as the announce their deep understanding of Jesus’ love for them. It’s tough trying to explain it, it was so overwhelming for me. But I need to, because I think it’s high time we realize that God Changes! God changes people in a moment, and after an instant a life anew begins. These people in the film didn’t convince anyone of change, it was written all over their face! They didn’t justify their actions nor hide away from their past. Jesus and His redemption were written all over their face! An entirely different demeanor lavishes love over ones face and thoroughly redeems a heart.

I’d been confused because sometimes it is easy to live life in a church. I’d done just that. There is nothing wrong to be in a church. In fact God loves to see us build up a community in His name as His Church {lovingly referred to as His Bride}. But in the church I’d found so many people who showed up as though they were heading to a Masquerade Ball. Rather than coming to a place we should all feel as real as possible, people masked their faces and so, their hearts, and found themselves more hidden than found. After seeing this, and so-called ‘change’ for quite a majority of my adult life, I’d grown weary of what it really looked like to be changed by God. I’d grown weary and uncertain. Maybe you have too? Because I have friends and family that mean the world to me, and I want desperately to see this change written all over their face after they remove the masks to reveal something true.

And I cannot, perhaps I will not, spoil the look on the faces of the people in this film when they find the connection between where they are at, and how God led one of His disciples specifically towards their situation in love. Because I think you need to witness it yourself. Revive the God of the bible in your mind’s eye, and take a moment from a busy day to motivate your heart towards His calling us to love. Because God certainly changes… and He would love His bride to partake in something real. Besides, Masquerades’ only last for a night; Who you are and what God is able to change, my friend, lasts a lifetime.

If you feel those heavy, burdening masks today, would you simply ask the Lord to help reveal His truths in your heart? Allow yourself to be real, and really moved by this loving father. He so desires to lift you up in truth and love. I know how difficult it is to remain in the truth when you’ve been plagued by masks, I’ve been there too. It’s just simply never been worth it for me… and I doubt it is for you either. Besides, God loves you. He loves to see your face, and your heart regardless of how dirtied it may be.