Oh friends. It’s all happening. And it started over a decade ago while I sat in that Trailer Park home. I’d watched a news report on this building somewhere in Romania, which is wild in and of itself for me to have been watching the news. But there was this report on some place that people had been dropping off babies, (dis)abled children and youth, and leaving them there for good. I cannot get out of my head the now deformed seventeen year old boy who’d learned to live in a crib. And I sat there as a teen and cried. I knew this would grow to be my heart one day. And now, it’s all happening.

Of course everything would continue to happen all at once. But I’m ready for it, because I’m so firmly standing on Him.

After oooh, thirteen years or so, I’ll finally be brushing shoulders with Romania… maybe even going to Romania! A place I’ve dreamed of going to, holding little ones who live without snuggles, and bring them the love of a Savior who so snuggles me. I get to step through streets I’ve paved with gold in my mind, and buildings so beautiful from the pictures I see… I cannot believe the ways God is holding onto my dreams, and little by little bringing me to tears as I open them in shock and awe.

I have the greatest joy and opportunity to go with HART Ministries to Moldova. We’ll be visiting their partner program, Beginning of Life. Oh, and if you know anything about them, you know I’m puking in my mouth with utter joy and confusion that I, little Dee, gets to come along for the ride. Beginning of Life has been in the business of repatriating those victimized by trafficking, as well as partnering with plenty of people locally to teach their children of these risks. Oh my heart. Oh my Lord, I feel you commissioning me…

Enjoy this beautiful voice and lyrics my friend. And I pray you too would feel a desperation of His calling and commissioning you today.