She told me he was an opportunist. That when he was and how he is now supposed to figure out what it really looks like to fight, he chose instead to find and shout with tightened fists for what was easily available. Easy.

I cannot stand that word.


All the consequences and harsh ramifications this word holds for the humanness in mankind. Oh, and it breaks my heart that we find that word easy in all the things we do, and take up residence on its’ seemingly comfortable pillow of falsities and dream of nothing but the easy way. The easy way out of working hard, loving well, serving graciously. Oh, and it breaks my heart. It’s easier to sit in silence on a bus of lonely people. Easier to sit and watch drama on Jerseys’ Shore than to listen to a friend feeling a bit dramatic in life’s current situations. Easier to shout an opinion than listen with a still, non-judging heart and mind. Easier to sit back and sulk or indulge than really take hold of those demons and throw them to the abyss where they belong… {all these examples stem from the learning heart of this writer..except the Jerseys’ Shore part since I truly cannot stand that show}.

It broke my heart when she told me it was easier to have false friends and satisfy those fleshly desires rather than let love sleep until its’ true time to arise. The time tears ran down her cheeks and a fever ran ‘cross my head when it was easier to let go of that forming body to plan better, to plan a life well. The time it became easier for me to sit in silence rather than speak out for the indecencies and injustice. Or that night he shook in bed and I heard he found the easy ones to lay beside, instead of waiting in faithfulness. And I can’t help but feel that phantom limb until I recall the greater promise of an unfailing God.

Because easy isn’t easy at all. And the ramifications of easy will peel itself out into layers of heart pangs; the very tearing of goodness and purity. Oh and it breaks my heart because we were made for so much more. We were made for the greatness of a kingdom we may not fully understand, but I’m sure of it, you’ve tasted, and seen its goodness. You, my friend, were created for the divine purpose of life abundant. And perhaps it doesn’t seem to come easy. It seems to include a price. A price of losing the world {which feels like losing yourself}, but you get to claim yourself in the Only One whom it really matters. And I heard of a man who came to lose His life but He didn’t even mind because he so loved the thought of you, and a life abundant for you. He knew His life wouldn’t be worth it if He didn’t give it up for the likes of you and I.

And I’ve been the victim of easy plenty enough before. And I understand well it’s hypnotizing appeal. But every time it shifts its place; slithering itself back and forth in a hypnotic pace, I can see that blackness standing constant and still behind it.

The true gift of easy is followed by seasons of darkness, not light. And He came to give you light, this father of lights came in love for you. I’m convinced He meant goodness, abundance, and fulfillment, but I don’t recall hearing easy. Even when I desperately seek Easy, I choose to recall He is the giver of good… not easy. Join me?