Here’s the thing; I love a good comedy. Although my favorite is Tommy Boy, I sure enjoy the funny one liners on What Happens In Vegas. An insanely unrealistic view of happenstance love, the characters are so well rounded in sarcastic humor you just can’t help but at the very least giggle when it’s appropriate. Of course, the plot involves a Vegas marriage, in which the main characters can’t wait to get out of as soon as they get home. That is, until they win a ton of money at the casino. Meet your funny plot.

Hater, the main male characters best bud, is an impossibly awful lawyer who truly needs to find a new day job. Unfortunately, he is the first and cheapest lawyer available for the now complicated divorce about to happen. He barely focuses on the trial while he and the other best friend, Tipper,  argue through the entire session. When they all leave the courtroom for the first time with less than favorable outcome, Hater’s response to his best buds anger is this “She is a wily temptress…and what do wily temptress do? They tempt you, in a wily temptress way…and then they play you. Too funny. I’m saying it in my head just like him as I type.

But here’s the deal. I’ve got a wily tempter. And you do too. Perhaps its more appropriate for you to call him a temptress. That’ll work just fine as well, because really, it is the truth. And you know what your temptress does! You know she or he tempts you in a wily way, and THEN!! They play you. They put something shiny in your view and then they play you.

I want you to make note that it is a he or a she. It isn’t a person in front of our face, in fact we’re told very plainly that our fight isn’t with flesh and blood anyhow. But what we all know, is that our fight is certainly with the principalities of darkness. Tell me, what’s a principality? I’m sure you’ve already answered me, but I hadn’t really known. A principality is when there is a ruling by a prince, or monarch… Our fight is with a prince, the kingdom of darkness. It is a battle of darkness-ruled spirits trying to rule us in their wily tempting way. Member that time in scripture when it says:

you were running a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth? That kind of persuasion does not come from the one who calls you  {Gal.5.7).

See!! He’s talking about the person of Satan cutting you off from you life- clearly reminding us God who calls you into life would never persuade you like a tempter would.

It happens to me every day. I’m tempted with so many things that catch my eye. Things, people and places that catch my eye. And though the people, the places and the things never go away, those tempting spirits that try ruling me certainly can!

I hope today that when you are shown something tempting in fleshly nature, when you are put down by your boss or made lesser than you truly are, that you would stand not against the people the places or the things, but rather you would stand firmly against the principalities of darkness looking to rule over your heart. Know who you are, and what you stand for. Live and see the fruit of your faithfulness to God and to you! Besides, when it’s all said and done, are you really okay being played by a temptress with shiny, fleeting things??

Wily temptress, you certainly won’t get me.