Hi Friend,

I heard those who are victimized by trafficking are rarely set free. Most have a life span of six years after entering into enslavement. And roughly 1% ever see the light of freedom. One percent. And those who are freed must be treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder worse than war veterans ever did.

I’m not sure if you’d ever found yourself in that place before; the place where love so enveloped you it were difficult to consider a stranger being sold for the hope of debt paid. And they’re everywhere. In the news, in the clubs, on the street corners and your ‘legal’ Amsterdam window sills. And they came hoping, doing and bleeding because of something they would never wished before. As many young girls, perhaps even you or your daughter dance their way through hip hop and ballet classes in hopes of fame and a life of passion, these women bleed and bruise and dance while they lose hope of finding freedom. Because I just got through to the end and I cried in an instant. And my heart poured clear onto the keys of this board and I pray, I pray I might be so bold to bring them home. Bring them freedom. Bring these daughters and sisters and mothers some hope…

Just promise me you’ll watch this advert until the end. And then, in your heart, just consider to pray for those boldly going into the places these woman should never have had to go before. Please.