I’m a little in love with Ben Howard. I’m sure it’s his ability to press lips against a mic and make songs sound like love, laughter, sadness and all those sorts of wild emotions. Or maybe its the accent. In any case, he does this cover of Call Me Maybe that is just to die for.

And it reminds me every single time of my girl Dal. All of a sudden, like a glowing jellyfish in a night sea, she comes alive when Carly Rae starts singing this beat. This face is priceless, and difficult not to imagine once you’ve witnessed it even a single time.

Her hair shines like golden oats in a summer-set sun. When you meet her, you’ll tend to look away and blush, though you’d just met a queen. But I’ll tell you right now, she is a queen. A queen of hearts and a queen for her King. And she’s listened to the call God’s put on her life and found the deepest of loves in His face, and His face alone. She’s literally moved around the world seeking and finding Him. She’s wild like that setting sun; dancing in the glow of her very own skin, she’ll grab your eyes and your heart, and you won’t even mind.

I’m so proud of my girl Dal. I’ll be like you one day. If you’re listening friend… call me maybe?