“All because there were some hands and feet who joined hearts with a heavenly King”


I’m not sure what you were up to. We all have our story I suppose. Some were probably colouring and singing along to Veggie Tales in the carseat. Others were probably black belt in Karate, and owned the last Olympics with their Ribbons Routine (getting five gold metals- one for each year of your intense training). When I was five, my family had been uprooted and was forced to begin a new life in a new city. And we managed just fine. In fact, this is when my mother found Jesus, and called Him her own.

When I was five, my best friend was a spanish boy the same age and we’d play a lot together. I would cut my bangs up to my hairline and he would try to tape them back on so I’d stop crying. We’d fill up the plastic pool on our balcony as…

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