“Of course you knew about the caterpillar, and how he turns his little self into a beautiful butterfly.” My pastor was turning something familiar into the most mind blowing concept. And I didn’t even see it coming. Then, of all things, it’s plagued me for weeks that this is the very truth I am to live by.

And when we consider the transformation of a butterfly, we all think of the fifty different sermons using this analogy for our transformation in Christ. Which is entirely beautiful the way God takes simply, slow, furry little us and transforms the very likeness of a caterpillar into a fluttering creature of poise, passion and obvious likability. But the point I wanted to get here is deeper. Because it’s easy to get ourselves on the next episode of What Not to Wear, stick with the Atkins’ Diet for six months and claim a different person. It’s pretty simple to put on a new pair of pumps and walk differently.

The transformation of Christ in my life, and so available for you, is incredibly deep it makes What Not to Wear look like a game for chumps. Because here is the secret of the secret in transformation. Beyond the radical and quick change of the outer appearance, the caterpillar is required to use the essence of himself in order to secure and sustain the change. From his very mouth comes the silk that would bind him into change. From his very mouth, the caterpillar encourages, sustains, and secures his change.

And I wonder how easy it is for us to let it slip a little and cut off that silk? To cut off the words of encouragement and growth, that which grows from the very belly of our being. The being He so created and designed for life in Him. Or how how quickly we dismiss the importance of a good word, and end up struggling because of it. How often do we throw both hands in the air and claim God responsible when He so clearly loves to see us desire and chase after newness and freedom as he so desires for us. Relationships are a two way street I hear.

He has given us the tools. He has equipped us with all the encouragement, all the beautiful ways He sees us is available if we just listen. It’s at the tip of our fingers to read, to learn to roll them off the tip of our tongue.

It’s been a tough while for me. I’ve allowed harsh words to come from inside and unravel the security of my growth and change. I’ve allowed all that ruins me to become part of my daily verbage, and its’ time I get back at it, because it was this very reason He came with love to set me free…

I need a good word; like silk coming from the very belly of my being. What about you? Praying for you today- Dee