Found myself roaming down some vacant streets on a windy sort of night and dreamed of that day I’d wake to find that real light. A light that brought my hope, and maybe even brought your hope too. Even if it still felt so dark sometimes.

And it was there on that tired old street I remembered the home of confident hope resides every day deep in the belly of a soul. And there it speaks little tiny hopes and regurgitates truth, though sometimes tough, to remind your heart what your head stored there for you to always know.

So don’t give way to those vacant little spots of the mind or of your big deceiving eyes. Rather, find yourself deep in the belly of a soul. Deep in the belly of the soul He so knit together in wonder and love. And know His fingers print themselves entirely around you from the inside out. You’re just required to stop looking out and instead start looking down deep to the eyes of a soul, so designed for moments such as this. That possibility stirs from that seemingly darkened spot in the bottom of a soul, tucked deep beneath the functions of a body, the truest of lights shines. That in a dark spot, a dark spot, that is where the light is found.