Dear self,

It’s going to be just fine, and in only a little while it’s going to be well with your soul. And those places you fear the most will only shout a little while longer from their thousands of pretty faces and horrifying reminders. And although you’ve struggled and triumphed and returned to decide upon struggle or triumph in this darker place, I urge you to press on forward a little while. Just a little while longer. And whatever you face, you go not alone. You are equipped with all you need when you ask from Him. So ask, and then choose to receive. And praise and pray for strength enough in Him to be able to face those pretty faces and daunting howls of a not so far away past, and be entirely unafraid for the return of all you press to pass away because you know He is faithful.

Because through those tiny tears of unrelenting fears, an unrelenting God is standing there with you in the shape of little lights around your bedside… of hearts and hands of friends and hugs. And it’s only a little while longer and your appetite for life and food will return to you. And those daring visions of past regrets will turn over and die when you stay to praise His name. For all He’s done, for all He’s doing, for all that’s yet to come.

I know it’s not so easy. Oh, I know. And it’s okay to miss what was, but please do well to be hopeful for what is yet to come!

But freedom is always yours today. Learn to dip your toes and stomp your feet all about it.

No, not that stupid false sense of freedom TV preachers plaster on your screen with pearly whites and three simple payments at $39.95, free shipping and handling included. And not the kind that replaces one bondage with yet another… It comes in the form of deserts and manna, but its freedom from all the death you risked to leave. Freedom from those places and people of regret and shame and hurt and fear. It’s freedom from your Egypt, from your slavery and sadness and tears. Its freedom just enough that you can sit, and rest, and breathe in sync with Him a while. Wash your sweet face in that purifying piece of freedom and His peace will wash you free.

It’s freedom in inches, and soon miles from all you need to leave behind. All you need to leave at His feet. Oh, and it’s freedom that continues to pour and pour more the longer you stay the course.

Stay strong enough to follow through. Stay strong enough to praise Him in those deserts. Be bold enough to continue to say no to those pretty, dark faces of your Egypt. Just stay on this difficult path of righteousness long enough. Long enough to find your glory and land of sweet, new beginnings. Like a rushing wind, your past dragging itself up again and again will entice you no more. One day, you’ll be able to see it for what it truly is. And in that rush of wind it will all go away. In time all that used to cuddle you tight and warm in bondage will become your very reason for running joy and contented laughter. And I know, I know, I know it will. It always does when you see him and stay faithful to this freedom journey. You’ve seen it in moments, minutes and months already.

Because, my friend, it is for this very reason He came. Set you free, live life abundantly. So please, take care to walk in faith, and step by step in praise. It is for you after all, that He came.


The free one