Well, I suppose all adventures start and end as though they have a mind of its’ own. I’ll be just fine with that. I love the element of surprise.


After reading Love Does, I cried unexpectedly while this wave of desire swept over me to make love an action verb in my life. An action for people I don’t know, and I’m unsure are easy to love. What credit is it to me, if I love those easy to hug anyhow? It seemed I’d made it easy for love to consume me in a time of need rather than sweep others off their feet in the name of pure, unbridled, brave love. And so I took to walking about some streets and began to love them, those whose names and ages and stories I don’t know, and I found loving others made me feel less lost.


And so I find myself here, 1645 kilometers from home. And I sat there shaking my head and running on tired feet wondering what the heck I thought I could do 1645 kilometers away from home in a place I didn’t even know I would learn anything from. And then I remembered. I love them. I love those faces with names and hearts and stories I have yet to have the privilege knowing. I love them and I want my love to do something. And although it were entirely unnecessary to jump a couple of airplanes waking me from slumber at four am, I wanted to. Because proclaiming something bold as love from the rooftops sometimes looks like crawling out of a warm bed. And sometimes it looks like crawling out of comfortable skin and putting myself in their position.

I’m bringing you with me because well, who really wants to go alone. And I am hoping in my short few days jetting across the globe, I might learn more how to be a Voice for those certainly suffering without one. And if in learning about love, I learn that it does, than I don’t want to be found in my slumber anymore. I don’t want to be found suffering through the elements and disease of Self. I want to be on a plane at four am. I want to be in a hotel room hoping to hear you’ll do the same. I want to be out of comfort and into adventure. And I want to do this all, my friend, because He first loved me.