Felt the weight in my head and the paper on my hands like fingers wrapped tight ‘round fingers dried and wrinkled. And I didn’t know I shouldn’t have grabbed it; do any of us really? But I took it and we ran. I’m confident it was the two other children in her arms and the one running away wild like the fuming sun. I caught it and felt a dirtily convincing tap on my shoulder. Dropping eyes and quieted heart I took it and we ran.

Because tag, I was it, and I couldn’t let it go or surely we would all fall down. We would all lose our way and find ourselves The Lost Girls. I couldn’t bare the thought to see them fall or scrape their knees.

That dry and wrinkled paper, acting in the likeness of human hands pointed it’s finger in the rhythm of our movement and drew the lines the moment we chose in faith to move. It was her map. It was her map and her heart and I tried all I could to beat the way I heard and felt hers beat. It wasn’t mine, but her hands we full and eyes dripped confusion while she tried to handle it all.

The day I slipped it in her back pocket, I’d finally known there was something out there of my very own. And it’s like seeking for the map that seeks out your treasures. So when he came along with diamond eyes and that golden giggle I figured I’d finally found that treasure box without even finding that map. I gave away my heart. And veins crossed over and beat with the glow of the moon and he found his way through this beating place. Stuck a flag on its’ face like he owned it. Like I’d allowed him to own what could never be unless I’d found, known, and owned it first.

I take a deep breath, look up at those moving cars and find my tea steaming beside me. I’d been such a lost girl. All that time I’d taken to tame and lead, I’d let loose the centre of my very being.

There I felt the chill in my lungs and reality of the condition of my soul. Jumped a plane and felt the exhilaration of something new while the winds of freedom brought a beat all my own to this place, this map. And there’s nothing like returning home and never looking back to where you were when you’d left.

So if you see me, the one looking inward and asking upward, remind yourself this purpose; to find your life and live it abundantly. That’s when you get to give outward. Lost Boys and Girls finding magic and hope and treasure as He gives us that beating of our very own heart.