Can you remember what it was like? The last time I looked in the mirror, I’d finished with my day, I’d washed it all away. And I stood there in front of the mirror and remembered what He said about me, what He’d said and kept saying over and over again while I looked into my own eyes. And they’d never been so blue before, so visibly blue and alive before. Standing there with a naked face I remembered He writes daily on my heart; I am worthy, Forgiven, Accepted, Daughter, Queen, Chosen, Beautiful, Destined, Unique, and a Woman of Excellence made strong by a backbone covered in the grace of my Dad’s blood. I remember every day that I am being made Me. I had been made in His image and after the war-torn country that is my past took hostage pieces of my identity, He started helping me take it all back. Rip it right out of the arms of mine enemy, clothed it in His cleansing, and made it new… again. Can you remember? Can you remember what it was like? Can you remember the last time you washed the world from your skin and felt the newness of your identity in Christ, and Christ alone? Oh friend, indulge in the grace abounding towards you! And remember what it is like to really, truly, be you. Beautifully made by the image of your Father, your Maker. He’s making all things new. {Thanks Marilyn & Wayne for the guidance}