I moved a nest today with my friend and house mate. The nest just so happened to be right above the entrance to my house. Before I continue, you should know I am not a fan of birds. They’re dicey little creatures with the ability to move or peck in any direction they please. Creepy.

The nest just so happened to also have eggs in it, which we didn’t realize until they splattered on the floor. We screamed in horror of ourselves, ran back into my basement suite and embraced while crying.

My friend is pregnant with her third child. She tried reasoning with the mama Robin that she too was a mother and understood she needed to mourn her loss. I and three year old Joshua tried telling the mama that she should have chosen somewhere safer for her family to live. Probably not good timing, but we’re much more immature, and less understanding than my mama friend.

Either way, I feel awful and haven’t stopped praying or biting my lip in fear and sadness. And the papa isn’t leaving the pillar where his wife used to sit. He looks like he’s been electrocuted he’s puffed up so much.

I’m never leaving my house.