I know this won’t be of solace to the demons roaming free in your head, the ones prancing ‘round your heart; but you’ll get there. And I never wanted comfort for the evil anyhow. You are stronger than ten thousand men. You are braver than any evil has ever been. Your triumph waits (im)patiently around the bend, calling, calling out your name my friend. All things are possible- yes even now, all things are possible. Because your father is reaching as he has always been relenting. His jealousy for you skips a beat of my heart- you don’t even have to look closely to see the wide spread love. But it’ll come only the day your cravings for life trample the cravings for death. When you fight for the good of you rather than fight for the ill in you. When fighting for the only way to heaven through Jesus Christ means more to you than any other thing. What you somehow can’t see is you’re fighting so much more here and now… And if I could speak directly to the evil in you I’d say don’t you dare rejoice, mine enemy. Our enemy. For even in the dark my God surrounds me, he is light even in the dark. Friend, He is the light to your dark. He is the light to my dark. He is the comfort to your worldly wounds. The safe haven from the mockery in your soul which is trying to befriend you only to destroy you. And there will come a day that the enemy in your head will become real and his threats will pierce through. And the reality of the fight against good or for evil will sting to make you feel its worth. And you will crave the water that gives life, to pour through your wounds and bring you close to Him. When you’ll see your gentle spirit, gracious and strong. And no, this won’t be a comfort to the evil residing in your head. But some day, one day; I pray this will be comfort for you my dear, dear friend.

Much love,