I feel a dance party starting down through my heart.

Those ones that come seldom when the flat-line


to start.

And drums wild like the jungle beat heavily against the backdrop of my bruised heart;

Best cure for the black and blue is the strong massage of the graceful, gentle sort.

So I kick back the death that lazily crawls between my arteries and peel off growth that simply wounds me.

Simply kills me.

Grab my hair by its neck and throw it wild from my face; I am moving.

And it seems He had whispered secrets from Himself to me.

Him to little me he whispered with a grin

We’ll make you out to be the underdog He said,

But in the end, but in the end

Both you and I, we know who wins.

So I wrinkled my nose and he shot me one wink

And I can feel it friends, I can feel it starting deep down

Drums beat wild

Like the starting of a heartbeat.