I’ve mentored a bunch of young ladies from grade six, and they are graduating from high school within this next month. I cannot believe what we’ve been through. I cannot believe I started with eighteen girls, dropped to six, and have somehow managed to cuddle the majority back to my heart. They bring my joy and my life. They teach me how to, and how not to be me. They’ve pulled out my hair by the choices they make, and they craddled my soul, hand in hand on our knees when heartbreak barged in. They left and wandered back. And yet, never have they left my heart, my mind, my prayers. I’m sure I’ll follow them through the halls of university to become Engineers Without Borders, sing with them until the world harmonizes back. Business women who change the game, artists who fill our mind and rip through the seems of our soul, and across the seas on missions trips to fight end human trafficking.

This is my girl Ashlynn. She invaded my life in grade seven. She was in grade seven and I was not, though it felt the other way around. She’s got a story to change your heart… and I hope to know one day she’ll have followed her dreams and captivated you with story and song.

Below, she’s covering the song White Blank Page from Mumford and Sons. Although I love Mumford and Sons, today’s song is more that Ash thrills my heart when I see her burst words and noise from her soul. Words and wounds and love from her soul. She’s finding her own voice, and it just so happens to be in song.