What if my tomorrow started as well as my today (I know, my Sunday has strangely been a good day)” I say out loud, I say to myself. And really I’m perplexed as I stand and sit and move about in awe today. Move about in glorious awe of my saviors’ love today. But my self catches me, or perhaps the Lord himself catches my breath and wanders around me with the question, the question of future grace provided this glorious day, thousands of years behind me.

“Do you not get it?” I question my self, my soul.

He died for me. Thousands of years ago he bore himself up on that cross and said “this, my friend, my daughter, my beloved is for you” before my world even began. He thought graciously of my future. He thought in gracious love of the me that hadn’t even begun to be yet.

And as I read the account of this resurrected love, my heart burns. And “ were not our hearts burning from within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the scriptures to us (Luke 24.32)” doesn’t even begin express this wild fire in my heart, fiercely opening my eyes to the grace standing by me daily taken so quickly for granted…

And I don’t think I get it while my heart burns from within me. I don’t think we get it while we drive down the road and wake in our beds and walk into work. Perhaps you do. Perhaps you awake to every new morning and begin with tears of joy that your Savior died and rose to life for you. That he had to go away to give us something even greater. Something to burn from within us. I can honestly say I don’t… but today changed my mind.

What vintage love pours through His bones day after day after day shouldn’t be viewed upon as a beautiful time we resurrect once a year. That day after future day his grace pours down his cheek and into my chest. Day after glory filled day He has already taken care of the things we cannot fathom doing; but it is covered. My future, your future unpredictable to the human eyes and heart has already been taken care of. And my heart burns from within me.

Happy Easter my friends… enjoy your blessed gift of grace today, and perhaps, even tomorrow.