I like Donald Miller much more than the average person. That’s not a boast or a brag, not some weird form of idolatry or the likes. I just like him. A lot. And I’ll be referring to him as Donald. Because in my simple mind, we’re on a first name basis whether he knows it or not.

He wrote a book called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and my heart burst like confetti over everything in my life. It describes so vividly how God intended us to live a life which is book worthy. You know, better than the best movie or story you’d ever indulged in your lifetime. We are created to live a phenomenal life, and so many of us waste our time or life, leaving us with a self-titled story book about us and far too many (anti) climactic moments, like the time we finally bought the BMW we saved fifteen years at a 85 hour a week job for. Um. If you didn’t catch it, that’s boring. Donald describes it like a movie; would you walk out of a theater after watching two hours of a man saving up for said BMW, and think to yourself “That was amazing, I want that life!”? Of course, it makes me look at my priorities every time since reading the book. But he, Donald that is, talks about how often we avoid conflict and the unknown in our life, creating these very surface relationships both with our self and with others. How we don’t experience depth of character as we dodge every potentially tough moment that arrives with its’ insistent mocking laughter on our doorstep. We might be afraid of those tough spots… but are you really okay just coasting, which is otherwise known as flat-lining? Do I care about my life enough to tough through the stuff that really creates the character? The stuff that creates meaning, depth, ability to empathize and live a purposeful life? Do I care enough to really live life rather than coast and have a nice home to come to after a long day pushing papers that will never matter to anyone in twenty years? Will I drop my nets and go? Will I leave my father and my mother to walk into my story, or rather His story for my life? Or is that just too much when you need to make it home on time to keep up with the Kardashians?

There’s a story in this book by Donald about a man named Bob Goff. Donald and his friends are on some kind of a canoe trip and end up in the path of Bob Goff’s house. Bob waves them to come in, offers them to stop paddling and come rest a while on the porch. So Donald and his friends oblige, go to the porch to find Bob’s wife carrying piles of food and lemonade to the porch. Then Bob shares about his story, his life.

In efforts to unite government leaders worldwide, he and his family purchased this land and a home as a potential retreat for these leaders to come, to rest, to take about peace. Bob’s children even wrote letters to these leaders and sent a key to their home with the letter, should anyone take them up on the offer. These children end up being invited all over the world to meet leaders, talk peace with Bob and the kids, and they even have some leaders come to the Goffs’ home for a sleepover. The Goffs’ were even successful in having some leader sign a simple contract of doing all they could to work towards global peace. How COOL!

Once this random visit was through and bellies were filled, Donald and friends jump back in their canoe and head out with the entire Goff family standing near the waters edge waving goodbye. Then, without notice, Donald looks back one last time to see the entire Goff family STILL waving goodbye as they run, jump, and wade in those waters while sending off their unknown guests.

I want to jump in the water. I want to send out letters and expect greatness. I’m excited to fulfill purpose and know that every single thing that happens in life, God is working out for the good of those who love him. I’m thrilled knowing I don’t need to fear conflict or tough times, but even more so, not fear my potential for successful adventure through and for Christ. The deepest riches of life are shoes well lived in. The best stories are those with a real life lived. the ones where people mattered so much more than homes and cars and workaholics.

What’s your story looking like? Is it worth your life, your time? A good read and life well lived? Or is it looking more like a to do list of responsibilities to fulfill rather than adventures and His glory to be had? God loves a good story, and he’s started your chapter one; your creation. Now it’s your turn… how’s chapter two? It doesn’t need to look perfect- just well worn is all.

“And when each of us looks back at all the turns and folds God has allowed in our lives, I don’t think it looks like a series of folded-over mistakes and do-overs that have shaped our lives. Instead, I think we’ll conclude in the end that maybe we’re all a little like human origami and the more creases we have, the better.” -Bob Goff, Love Does.