Five years ago today I was busy playing video games at an arcade with a boy. I was being young and free. Simple and alive… or so I thought.

And then her precious eyes looked straight towards me and I melted. Dust and love formed bones and sweet, soft skin. And she changed the world with just one cuddle to follow another. And she changed a wild woman into a beautiful young mother, and a sister into a grateful auntie. A young man into a mushy father. She learned to crawl and snuggle and demand with a giggle. Her hair always big with curls and swagger. And then she learned she was funny… and the whole world joined her in laughter at the little things, the little feet jumping quickly as her wit. And she was perfection in human skin… with the strength to fail and try once again. And find a song no matter the position of the sun.

She thinks Taylor Swift is the bomb, she sings every note, makes music videos and saves up for her own guitar. She wears dresses to play in the dirt, satin for birthday parties, and the best matching pj’s for slumber sleepovers. Eats more plum sauce than chicken strips and finds any reason to dance to any beat in or outside her head. Though Taylor is cool, today we celebrate the unique and amazing Bo… Happy Birthday girl- auntie loves ya!