“I love love!” She shouted without fear as we drove with my sun roof abandoned to the chilly air. We were in the mood for love- she, is in the mood for love.

Taylor Swift carries our melody in the background.

Air light feelings like fresh baked sugar cookies sweeps cross my heart,

sweeping across from her.

And though many a love has been ruined before, right before her eyes, she leaps with excitement. Her heart leaps with excitement.

I ran into her work with a hope to tug her away early. Today was going to be the day. And she scurried from room to room, boss to team lead. Her golden hair motioned the love in the air, and their hearts fell to the ground in love for her. Her giggle sparked a twinkle and they shouted “Go, go! And good LUCK!” as we skipped right out the door.

She is my baby sister, I feel like she’s my baby. She’s wiser and younger than I. She’s the epitome of woman, Godly as they come. Her high school love proposed a question not one of us would deny. Like a choir we all chimed our approval… and today would be the day.

And though I’d never give it away, the swing and sway of all that beautiful white laced with flowers and shine, I put in the veil, take a step back, and begin to cry… I’m a pansy. A big sister pansy whom can’t even handle the wedding dress shop. How will I be on that very special day when she becomes sun, he becomes brother- finally becomes brother!? Oh, but today…

She, this beautiful bride to be, is whimsy.