It’s a long and dirty road. You walk and I roam. And there is nothing that would stop you from following along gently with me. My long dress flows and dances, tickling my ankles and picking up grass, laying it down to cover my naked toes. And you pick up the dirt and feel rich as you brown your heels.

Though it is narrow, my God, You are so beautiful.

Though it’s not easy, you give me enough.

Explosive leaves shiver up there in the breeze and their strong trees cradle them back to warmth. All down our path the trees barricade me just enough from the concrete and neon lights. Through the cracks of tress and dusk, forms of flesh come with clouded eyes, strained in your light. Freedom takes these dustless forms and they breathe, they are learning to breathe alright. Noise envelops your ears as you consider your love for those consumed over there, caught up in fake lights and a fake life. I stop and grow in compassion with you. My heart breaks and you smile. A knowing it’ll be okay cools my face from your very heart, a melody I cannot erase even now. I return to becoming a beautiful vision of you, for I know that is the most capturing way to invite the darkened to your light. I crouch like a child and my dress picks up and leaves me in this refreshing stream. Trouble will come, and trouble will go you whisper through the water. My chest takes a leap and I burst into tears. Your love is everlasting, your voice is ever mine. Both feet jump willingly in; dark smooth stones and water fill me. Life with you consumes me.

I am with you here, and together we are strength, I am pure, I am free. I am halfway home, and you’re engulfing me from everywhere. There is no way you aren’t always here. I dream to be home. I long to come home with you, stay for an entire life. My heart begins to flutter and I look to see your face. You are everywhere, but we’re just still never too near. Like a deer I jump from this creek and run through the tall grasses; thorns grip my skin, dry grass pierce my soul. Trouble will come, Trouble will go, I remind myself of your very words and smile. Back on this dirt filled road; slowing  my step, my heart and lungs, we begin to walk in unison. Step by step I’ll get there. Step by step I’ll listen and you will speak gently to my ears. I’m coming home.