Freedom always looks so different in the light of a Savior. My throat feels tight, and though I’m fighting a cold, I know the tightness wraps itself around my chest just the same; its not the cold, its a war. Last night, and again today I was brought to the story of the Israelites in Exodus, when Pharoh has their slave-masters take away the hay they were to use for making bricks. Catch of it is this: they still had to make the same amount of bricks while finding their own hay. All of this to stop the growth of their people, which never stopped them anyhow. But God wouldn’t have it (beginning Exodus 3.7), and was coming to set them free. He hardened hearts and opened hearts where necessary. It took time. He had to orchestrate the way only He can orchestrate. And His people wouldn’t listen because of discouragement and cruel bondage (Exodus 6.9)… and I’m afraid I might be caught in the wilderness far longer than necessary if I allow discouragement to overtake me. But I will remember the promises of my heavenly father, and I will remain free, knowing it will just take time to really feel it. And while the enemy makes it harder to feel free, I’ll grow in character all the more. I hope you’ll remain here too in times where freedom doesn’t really feel freeing.