Alone. My God has left my side for all I know… no, I know better than this. I work hard and labor with might obviously not of my own. I am tired, feeling unable to press on. Move forward, stand still or stand firm. Bend down, collapse your eyes, but do not move backward. I will to do anything other than move backwards, though my faith is slipping through my hands like love lost that I never had.

I hear He speaks to others, to prophets, virgin preteen mothers and the likes. I heard you once speak loud to me, though I’m waiting to hear even one drop, one word, or the slightest of hums. I’m chained, cold and naked. You’ve promised milk, honey, and spacious lands. And you say you’ve set me free… today I will just have to choose to believe. Because my head knows well how the story goes; princess is stolen, locked from the world by an evil creature. The charming prince catches wind of her fate, grabs his sword, battle-face, feet pounding the ground angrily, steadily, quickly. He is on His way, and height nor depth nor angels nor demons will overcome Him. He is on His way. He is on His way. Stand firm princess, take heart. He is on His way, and He will set you free.