I’ve wanted to say hello to the blog world, but ran across an emptied mind with nothing at all to say. That is, I had felt this way. And then I got on the phone with my flight attendant friend who is currently napping in Hawaii before a red eye. Prior to her drifting into dreams, she called from her hotel and we’d talk deeply for fourteen minutes and thirty two seconds before she’d abruptly yell “Got to go!” and hang up, only to call back within the following minute. I soon found out the first fifteen minutes of any long distance call from her hotel room would be free, so our cheap selves continued to do this for about an hour.

My bestie is a rare breed of raw woman. We met in junior high and she broke up with my boyfriend for me because I was too afraid. He told me he loved me and I thought I might puke. It’d been two months, and we were in grade nine. Repeat: we were in grade nine. He also gave me two roses which were to represent our love, ever growing. I was like, “Um, these things are going to die! And this is us?!” Looks like prophesy looking back on it now. But Rocio forced her feet boldly one in front of the other with her frizzy black hair bouncing wildly from her useless pony tail. Please note my feisty friend is 4’11” and afraid of nothing. “Look,” she pointed a finger in his face, “You’re clingy, and it’s really annoying. She just can’t do this anymore; I can’t do this anymore. She just will NOT date you anymore. Consider yourself dumped.” She walked back to me though she just swallowed a cherry cheesecake ice cream whole, pulled on my wrist and we briskly walked to gym class. He cried. And still does I think. She was satisfied. I was relieved. I knew she was the missing half after that.

She holds me like a diamond, guards me like a fenced rose- pitch fork steady in her hand. And wave or wind may tumble to an over flow in my life, and I’ll never feel so safe. And though I haven’t figured out whether it’s the hair, the face, or the heart, her ferocious love couldn’t be more tender. I had nothing to say… and then I got off the phone with her.