A lot of my friends are pregnant right now, which is really cool. Especially since the idea of little newborn babies aren’t so terrifying as they are precious. I literally had issues holding nephews and nieces until they were big enough that I couldn’t possibly (accidentally) destroy their little body, regardless my clumsy hands and weak arms. I’d pet their head or make funny faces from a distance instead (don’t worry, my bonding skills are getting better with time). I’d always been unsure of conversation starters. Newborns are worse than a bad date, there is literally one side to the conversation, and you’d better get it right or they’ll scream and cry for their mother. Even if I do have a great topic, they could scream. It’s terrifying, though within the past year, babies are growing on me.

The only unhealthy thing I can muster when it comes to this new desire to hold babies is my need for a dog. I just want a little companion around. One that doesn’t talk back when you say how you honestly feel, and doesn’t have advice for every little sound that comes from my lips. Yet still, they’ll be held and my skin can hold anothers’. Yes, this sounds warped or even selfish, but God and I are in contact about it. I’ll let you know the outcome. And I think right now, I just want someone to be quiet, sleep even, while I just talk, and they just listen. Or we could both just gaze in wonder at the other of us, that’d be just perfect too. And when they get bored of my conversation and scream, I’ll know who they’re calling for, and oblige with immediacy.