Perfectionist. Control Freak. Doubter of God. Selfish motivation. Self righteous. I’m all of the above & more, but all I have to do is find humility enough to repent. And though I see myself as sinner, you chose me and call me saint. Repentance. A change of heart. A change towards humility. A renewed mind. A refreshed spirit.

If I die tonight couldn’t be nothin but transparent 
apparently you care for me like a parent 
I swear it’s the coldest winter ever upon my shoulders 
Days are long my nights are even longer 
The weight so heavy on my back I can’t move 
Could somebody help me where do I turn to?
Since I was a youngin I been gunnin
it all alone ain’t asking for help I just carry it on my own 
And turnin to God was for the weak list
I’m lookin at life through a weak lens
I can’t see clear but it ain’t tears in my eyes
It’s sweat pourin down from the years I done tried
To be my own savior said I’d never fail
But never had the righteousness it took to save myself
So this is where I turn confess believe 
That Jesus is the only savior that I’ll ever need
I repent tonight