I love a good work out. I’m lucky to have this gym in my office, and so each lunch hour I commit myself to at least going in there. The atmosphere is usually pretty normal. I’m the only girl in there. I’m apparently also the only one who cannot stand listening to men grunting while they lift weights. Ewe!!!! It sounds really awful, and I’m unashamed saying it here, as I have been unashamed letting them know they sound like wimps or dogs in heat. And that they need to take their gym clothes home every couple of weeks to wash them. They reek.

I have one coworker and friend who is always encouraging me as I walk by his office to get to the gym, clad with my work out bag. “Work it girl!”, or “giver hell girl!”, he’ll shout each time. He’s 58 and could kick my butt in that gym any day. And it’s just that last little push to get in there to reframe that on my body which tends to frame itself without my permission. It’s also just one of my favorite ways to let go of stress, hurt, and exemplify joy. I have an iPhone, and so it is filled with joyous songs about God, or little doesn’t the songbird singing through those speakers know, about Jesus. It’s easy for me to find God in everything, which I count a gift.

Even at home, you’ll notice more DVD’s from Beach Body than you will from Universal Studio’s. My favorite is Turbo Jam, because I like to dance a little while I work out. Sometimes I catch myself in the office gym dancing while lifting weights, or making the same phony faces the aerobics instructor makes on my videos. I stop myself after I hear someone giggle… how embarrassing.

I’m not consistent for long though. I get bored or too busy in life, and so I give up… or give in to laziness with my physical activity. It doesn’t ever make sense, since I literally love working out. And it doesn’t make sense because I have all these great goals I want to reach. And amazing pay off’s if I would just remain consistent. I could fit those awesome jeans I love so much, get a new bathing suit, or take myself on a trip to an ocean.

So what holds me back? Well, if I’m entirely honest with myself… I do. I hold myself back from all things good in my life. Especially working out, or working out my faith in Christ. I could definitely be more mature in my faith, if I chose to press in more and more often. And I could be more understanding of the beautiful unknowns, if I took time to know Him who knows all things. And I could have my dream back side… if only I let go of all the ridiculous excuses I give myself. God, like Turbo jam, only produces fruit in my life if I give time, consistent time and devotion to it.