Today would mark the infamous day which happens to fall once a year, on the exact same date. And I’m thinking of you. My love whom is my shelter, my king who calms soul storms. I heard you whisper softly though I hesitate in fear, you relent after my love. You took me from my fallings, held my hand on solid ground. Swooped me when I looked and smiled, danced these veins full once again. Compelling me, I will be like you some day. Comfort my sorrows gentle like a mother, strong as protective fathers. And today marks one more beautiful day I sit intently by your feet to hear your wisdom and know what’s weathered your sweet face. In this moment wrapped in satin and song, your bride I’m preparing to be.

all too bright I can’t look away

bright sun of my day, sweet peace of my night.

take, take my arms, these fingers and my love.

for I’ve reached to the sky and still not gone too far…

(Deanna M., February 28,2011)