It’s funny, but I love going to the grocery store. I love thinking I might have an interaction that might matter to me. I love getting to the till, and conversing with the grocery store clerk as much as they allow. Once my purchase took twenty five minutes because the clerk just literally hated her life and wouldn’t take the quick road in life. She moved slow and spoke like a depressed turtle. She was marvelous. We talked about the savings we managed because of our affinity for coupons, her struggle with finances, and how she’d never heard of zuccini.

I’ve been reading this book that’s challenged me to the core. It’s so polar opposite from what I’ve grown up with in the church. It’s called Future Grace by John Piper, and I can literally only read a chapter at most and than need to put the book down before my head explodes over the pages. If ever possible, I collapse on the floor following any given reading. I just can’t seem to handle much of this! It is radical and I am bound to the pages as it is to itself. Now, the man is more logical in his theology than I can begin to tell, but his love is unstoppable, propelling me further into its depths.

Typically I’m through a book in a couple days. But with this one, I’m reading and rereading paragraphs, pages, and chapters til the words get stuck in my throat, until the words literally penetrate my heart.

But. It caught me off guard. I was never prepared for this book, but was even more unprepared for this chapter. It was talking about impatience, and what a sin it is. Now, before thinking I’m some caught up religious fool, hear it out. When we choose impatience, we are telling God we have the best plans, the best ideas. We forgo His incredible knowledge for our deeply unimpressive plans. We say to God, ‘there couldn’t possibly be anything more important that this thing I have going on’. We doubt anything good is being worked out for us, when scriptures are clear in saying He works out all things for His glory and our good (Romans 8.28)… I can be so lame! So. If I were to challenge you with these things, what could you say? Longer than five minutes in the grocery line? Stuck in unpredictable traffic? Waiting for that ‘special moment’ to come around? Whatever that moment might be. Test results? News from an important interview? And could this moment, right here, right now, be incredibly special were you to really know, He is working it all out- for your good. He is good. And I am so impressed with His will, with His love for my life. Patience, my friend, is an incredible virtue.