You cannot possibly find a better movie than the most epic, Tommy Boy. I cannot watch the movie without rolling over in laughter. I always imagined how amazing it would be to have a friend like Tommy in my life. The crazy conversations you might have, and all the ways he’s mess up my vehicle. But I’d take him on road trips everywhere too. I would take him with me to China for sure. His enormity in size alone would make me laugh, never mind finding him totally caught up in his imagination while we sight see and he ruins temples.

I have a little friend named Caleb. He brings my utmost joy, and his chubby waddle reminds me of the beautiful Tommy boy. There is nothing in this little man that isn’t pure joy or doesn’t fill the entire room with laughter.

Everything right now is ‘no’ to him. Even if it’s truly yes, you’ll still hear no. I think he’s found out, having just turned two, that he can command an entire audience with just one look and upward grin. I also think he sees ‘Boss’ written all over himself, though he’d never take real advantage of the position. And every time he says no, I envision a mini Tommy boy. “Shut Up Richard”, he seems to say as he shakes his head and runs round the first floor of his home. Maybe I shouldn’t laugh as I need so desperately to get him to sit his chubby legs down so I can change his awful stinky diaper.

But I can’t imagine anything more beautiful. And I cannot imagine life without sweet, Boss Caleb. You are certainly loved.