He is strong like sunshine. Braver than I’ll ever be. He is nothing more than three feet tall, but he can bring me to my knees. He was the first to mark my name auntie dee, the special honor I couldn’t have possibly envisioned. But his nose curled cute like a puppy on my neck while he napped, and this world shone a little bit brighter. And with his tiny hands, he clasped mine, and we wondered if we could ever be tigers. And even when the clouds would come, I knew his heart might learn to giggle. Yes, he is strong as sunshine, and I love to sit in the glow. He is strong as sunshine, the Lord has shown me so. And I cannot wait until his life unfolds, to see how God’s glory is told. By my little sunshine Isaiah, their Savior he will shine and show.

dedicated to my nephew, Isaiah Joel. Happy Birthday!