Though today is actually fantastic, I felt this on my heart to share. I believe it is with love from your heavenly Father. With love, dee

I’m convinced the most precious fragrance to Our Savior is the sound of His loved children.

Have you ever felt unsure? Have you ever felt life looks more like shattered glass? And relationships like distant pictures, desperately trying to formulate a picture to convey life? Have you ever allowed fear to rupture from the depths of your bones, rendering your body weak and soul uninspired. Have you ever let yourself loose in the terror of a familial storm, screaming violently without sound? Have you ever felt unsure? Have you lost something, someone? Lost sight of your destiny, or felt like someone took it from you?Have you ever come to the middle of the day and wept for the end to draw near? The end of the day or perhaps just the end. The end of a career, a relationship, a sickness or disease? Have you ever felt so unsure of life that your desperation to breathe a giant gulp of fresh air brings your lungs to hyperventilation, choking tears without a choice? Unsure you are enough? Have you ever been so tired of a mundane life you wish to just vomit it all out, leave the mess to clean up later?

I have. And probably will at least a few more times within this very days’ end. Sometimes it does feel like the calm within the storm is a good fat yell. And perhaps it is. Perhaps dried up bones and shattered glass is where I needed to find myself; perhaps where you needed to see yourself. Perhaps you needed to feel the end of the day draw near, that the end would come soon. That the end of your very self would produce the newness of life in Him.

And who am I to count the recognition of dry bones or a belly scream as anything less than beautiful in the sight of our Lord and Savior. How could I discredit the good work of choked tears? How could I stand to look at the Lord without awe that he would push me so far because its the only way to pull me so desperately near? And where would I go for new life and fresh air if not directly to God? I am under the impression God wants to truly know us from the depths of our being… so I won’t discredit how I feel, nor give it undeserved attention.

And I am certainly convinced there is more power in His hands as He dances grace and healing over you, as you rejoice in the goodness of your loving Father God, your affectionate Bridegroom Jesus Christ. And wherever He is, there is freedom. I’ve assumed too often that praise is for the happy and content. I’ve heard too often to just talk to Him… not understanding he just wants some background music while he paints out the beauty of life for me. And if I could just find faith enough to sing though the sickness, the dead air, the loss… there is victory, freedom, hope to be had. Besides, it’s not like I skipped over Psalms or anything, I should know this!

I ask you just on last thing; would you sing? Sing your praise and shout out joy. Sing and yell and let your voice crack and sing. Just once, try it. Do not relent in brokenness, do not let go in the storm. Hold His strong hand, and belt it from the top of your lungs. For even especially in the desert, He will pour His affection on your affliction.

Perhaps take a listen to my inspiration to be honest before the Lord, and see Him literally transform:

“Therefore, I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her. There (in the desert) I will give her back her vineyards, and will make the valley of Achor a door of hope. There (in the desert) she will sing as in the days of her youth” Hosea 2. 14-15 (I added the brackets for emphasis)